I need help :-) level issue

I need help :slight_smile: level issue

I work on archiviz Project. I’m at stage of trying to achieve lighting and shadow settings witch satisfy my need.
Do I do ERROR by duplicating level and trying to have several configurations for same scene.
Recently I went back to first level this original who was duplicated later and discovered to my surprise duplicated; directional light, skylight, postprocesvolumes, expotentialfog, BPskysphere?! I deleted duplicates.
I went back to recent level (duplicated from original) and found that my directional light, skylight, postprocesvolumes, expotentialfog, BPskyspher DESPAIRED !
WHAT WAS WRONG in my doing?
What are relations between duplicated levels in Project?
Is there any chance I can recover state of levels from before deleting lighting items?

It is a good idea to create sub-levels. Have one with lighting A and another one with lighting B and then make the one visible that you need.

Your lighting actors might just be in another level.

  • Load the other level as a sublevel
  • select the actors you need in this level
  • right click on the level you want the missing actors to be
  • from the context menu choose ‘move selected actors to this level’

You can also copy/cut/paste between levels

It is not good to copy a level in Windows explorer. Better select all actors in unreal and copy them into a new level. If you copy the level in win explorer you might get 2 levels with the same name in unreal’s browser.

**S-Dot,**thank you.
Are duplicated levels have any logical link ? ex. actor modified in one changing in other level ? or else?