I need help learning

Hello there folks,

recently i’ve been tryng to learn the basics of UE, i followed their tutorial and YT tutorials and wanted to make my basic step of doing my own simple character and movement.

So I created a character in blender with idle, walk and running animation. Then i tried to make those animations work with that character, alone, which failed, so i followed tutorials again and again i failed, then i followed UE tutorial aaaand failed and im starting to be really tilted at this moment.

Do you have any tips for someone like me,how to learn everything around this, im failing every step and i guess i have to start differently but i just don’t know how.

Thank you for any response

Hey there!

I can most certainly relate to your situation. It’s natural to feel frustrated at first. It can take quite a while to go through video after video collecting the bits and pieces that work, but overtime it gets much easier!

Do you mind shedding a little more light on where you’re stuck? Do you need help importing the character and animations from Blender to UE4, or setting them up in the engine with animation blueprints?