I need help in Sofa mesh optimization

Hello to all,
I,am a UE4 new user. I,m mainly interested in Archviz real time rendering. Please I need sum body to explain me the optimization and Texturing work flow of a Chair mesh in Blender, which will be exported in UE4.

Many Thanks in advance

At the most basic level

  • Create block out
  • Model Highpoly
  • Model Low poly
  • Unwrap lowpoly
  • Bake highpoly to lowpoly
  • Texture

A chair like this would be uniquely textured for the entire asset. A tiling detail texture might be used for the fabric/leather areas if there’s going to be some extreme close ups, but probably not needed

Substance Painter/Designer and the Quixel Suite are the most popular texturing applications for game art assets, although they are not exclusively for realtime assets, there workflow is very streamlined for it.

For this particular asset, you’ll want to decide if you are going to model the metal studs in the high poly, or if you are going to add them in the texturing process. Either approach is fine and capable of great results, since they are too small to put in the low poly. The lines on the base and trim could also be added in the texturing application, but the rest of the detail I would model in.

Many thanks ZacD for ur replay. Do u now any video tutorial which explain this workflow ?

Walid a Google search will give you thousands of tutorials for every element of ZacD’s suggested pipeline.

I was able to learn the whole low/high poly workflow and substance painter baking + even zbrush in 1 week (the basics of course)! I’ve learned everything searching on youtube!

Many thanks to all of you for yours advices, I will search the net for tuts.

Look for game assets creation course or tutorial. It’s basically that workflow you’ll use.

these little courses are pretty decent :

https://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/tutorials/creating-props-for-games-vol-1 (paid) (Maya hardsurface focused)
https://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/tutorials/environment-modeling-and-sculpting-for-game-production (paid) (zbrush organic focused)

This one is from Wes McDermott, a guy who does the tutorials for allegorithmic. This is his full substance painter course. Very well explained.

https://www.lynda.com/Substance-Painter-tutorials/Substance-Painter-Essential-Training/496947-2.html (paid) (overwatch Tracer’s gun as a bonus). You could probably find all of the info scattered on the allegorithmic’s youtube channel though, but it’s all well contained and organised in this course.

My workflow would probably be different than ZacD though. If you are willing to sculpt the chair’s detail instead of modeling it in blender. (I’m not sure if sculpting is good in blender though)

-block out the shape in blender
-import in zbrush
-sculpt all details
-use zremesher to retopologize and create a clean low poly version of the chair, uv unwrap it with zbrush’s uv master
-bake the sculpted high poly into a normal map, bake the AO, cavity as well
-Import low poly and maps into substance painter
-Do you texturing, export maps with the unreal engine 4 preset.
-Import your chair and the texture maps in ue4.