I need help importing fbx file please.

Hello, i’m new to unreal engine and 3d modeling so sorry if i’m being stupid, but i got a 3d model for a call of duty zombies map on cinema4d it has all textures and materials applied to it but unfortunately when i export it as an fbx file and try to import it into unreal engine 4 it would import as a single mesh and it will just create multiple white materials and it would be all white, altho when i try to import that fbx file into c4d the textures and mats import perfectly, this is the link to the c4d model it was based on : ://www.mediafire/download/gt5ftm71xketzei/Nacht+Der+Untoten+Map.zip
Any help would be highly appreciated

I’m waiting for an answer in this too. Got the same problem

Edit: I think we need a 3d program and export is as fbx 2014 check here
Waiting for someone else to confirm this though

The easiest way is to export the textures separately - import them - assign them to the material. :slight_smile:
Also make sure to disable “combine meshes” in the settings so that it’s not a single mesh

The problem with that is that my 3d model is very complex with over 150 materials and 1000 textures… plus it’s made of 3156 parts, also when i disable combine meshes it will just make those 3000 parts and it would be almost impossible for me to recreate them .Also in cinema4d the model has 156 materials but after importing to unreal engine it only makes 130 white materials is that normal ?

Oh never mind i just imported and then applied textures manually. sorry for bothering. for anyone who wants to know why i didn’t do it the first time : i forgot to rename the materials in c4d so they all had the same name and when i imported to ue4 it created new names for them so i couldn’t tell which one to use.

Hi Guys ,
watch this , this will help ,
Exporting to UE4 from Cinema 4d with c4d fbx 6.1 2010 and it works like a Pro ,it export the textures and even the textures are compiling it right, every is be setup Color channel, Luminance channel, reflectance or Spec… channel and Normal channel for the material, works fine, also no need for creating Light-Maps because if you add it, It will not work, just let UE4 generate light-map for you in importing process, which is great and everything works fine. But now when I try to use 7.4 2014 or 7.5 2016 , it dont work right.
Also you can only use R16 and R17 fbx 6.1 2010 for method to work.
Cheers ,
AP Ashton,