I need help implementing the multiplayer "Find game"

Just like in the subject, I would like players to click the “Find game” button to search for a match, and after finding the right number of players who were also looking for a match, the game would throw them into the match.

So far I made a method in which one player created a public match (HOST),
in which other players could simply join via “Find a game”, but that’s not what I want to do, I just want the game to create a match for these players.

Hello you should look for lobby tutorial.
I think you want to make it as the Battle Royal games did ^^

You just have to make a event that create a session if no sessions are available. If there already got sessions, then put your join event.
you just have to let the players in your main menu while the session is not ready. Then make replace the event that launch the game when the host click the button by a tick event for the host when player in the “lobby” is full.

You can find lobby tutorial easally on youtube :slight_smile:

I can’t find such a guide … only through HOST

Do you have any good documentary about it or just a video on youtube?

Okay nothing but I did it =D
Thank you =D

how did you do that?

I am sorry for that, but I did it in the following way.
I made a scheme that throws players into the lobby, where he asks them if they are ready. If one player does not accept, the other player crashes to start with and keeps looking. However, if he accepts everyone, he takes them to the map, where the game will take place