I need help for my project.

Im wanting to make a indie game, always have been determined.
The countless hours of youtube tutorials have showed me the very minimum of basics.
I am not capable of making this game my self, it is a survival game set in nordic times.
If youre willing/like helping noobs, please HMU

in game development ideas are cheap; execution is everything.

your project is just an idea.

the “countless” hours did not teach you enough? watch more? sounds like you gave up

/brutal honesty

There are some really good tutorials out there, that really dig into a lot of different mechanics, especially for Survival. However, those tutors give you the basics, so you can be creative and implement your own system, and expand.

If you are serious then you will invest in your idea and your future. Digital Tutors is $45 a month… you can learn a LOT in a month, and it includes all the working files… that you can pick apart and learn from. They take you through how to make games, along with tons of other Unreal Engine tutorials that are very detailed. Highly recommend them