I need help creating anaglyphic/stereoscopic red/cyan cameras

Hi, I’m a total n00b at Unreal Engine, I literally only started using it today (I am a programmer however). I was hoping to rely on NVidia’s anaglyph mode but unfortunately it keeps having issues such as flickering, smearing and all sorts.

I found this tutorial and understand what’s going on: Stereoscopic Red/Blue Glasses - Unreal Engine Forums it seems to do the job but I am just too unfamiliar with unreal to follow it, it assumes you know way more than I do. For example, it says “And within a 3D Camera we put a Post Process Material in the Blendables Slot”. I understand the concept of linking various things together (having played with shaders in other tools) but I don’t understand how to get a “camera actor” and all the rest…

Could someone help me decode this? It’s a really urgent task I have to complete ASAP this week so if anyone can help give me a clue here I’d be extremely grateful!