I need help creating a C++ project

When i try to creat a new project i get a pop up with this error:
Running C:/Program Files (x86)/Epic Games/4.14/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe -projectfiles -project=“C:/Users/Yakov/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.uproject” -game -rocket -progress
Discovering modules, targets and source code for project…
UnrealBuildTool Exception: ERROR: No 32-bit compiler toolchain found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\bin\cl.exe
Ive been searching for solutions for a good while and i figured maybe someone could help me

I recommend you post this somewhere else as this thread is not relevant to the ‘off-topic’ section

Thank you!

That sounds like it’s looking for the 32-bit compiler toolchain of visual studio and you don’t have it? You may only have the 64-bit version installed.

When you installed Visual Studio 2015, did you choose CUSTOM and select C++? Its not automatic anymore… That should fix that error.


I’m helping someone out who is getting the same error, except VS2015 is no longer available for download so he can’t modify the installation. Is there any way to force UE to use VS2017 libraries instead?