I need guidance in programming, as I am a noob.

I am completely new to programming, and I would like someone to walk through me with this. I have no experience doing programming, but I learn fast, and have the necessary programs downloaded. If someone could PLEASE take some time off of their schedule to help me, then that would be great, thx in advance, and thank you for taking your time to read this post. My Skype is GAMINGBACON97

This should help you a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve watched that whole series, but I am still confused

Hi, you really need to have some background in C++ to understand unreal engine programming.
I personally don’t think it’s that easy to code in unreal, even for computer students, like me.
I strongly recommend you to learn the basics of C++, understand the concepts of the language, especially C++ Classes and their manipulations, also take a look on topics about game design in general and how code turns into game.

This youtube channel can teach you the basics:

But listen, you only learning how to code practicing so, just don’t watch the videos and copy the code, try to create programs by yourself. That’s how people do it!
Good luck!