I need custom movement mode have a base implementation like flying

Movement Component have replication to send move infomation to server. but this system have not blueprint function to input custom move parameters.If we use custom movement mode ,in blueprint we cant to update transform legally. “Set Location” cant replication to Server.
In my project I used Flying Mode and use AddInputVector to move character. This is a very simple and feasible way for me.
I hope that custom mode has the basic implementation of network synchronization and update, and then provides some functions such as setlocation, so that we can input displacement information into it, so that the server can recognize these displacements. Such as climbing vertical stairs, climbing walls, swinging, parabolic motion, and attaching to a moving object, all require special movement mode.

I always hope that UE can launch the official class of climbing vertical stairs and swinging, and let the navigation system support AI to use these objects. The image quality of UE has been very advanced. If some AI restrictions can be solved, AI can pass through these obstacles and chase players. That would be great.