I need an Unreal Engine 4 Programmer. Yili Animation Studio

I am looking for an Unreal Engine 4 developer. The job involves collaboration with Chinese animation Company “Yili Animation, Shenzhen”. It can be as a freelance online work as also a fixed contract. Everything is negotiable. If you are interested, please email me your resume AND an example of your work. It can be just a .doc format or a link, hence we could know more about your level. to The company is determined to promote its products outside China and we are looking for talented UE4 specialists.

may be there are a few Hungarian in this forum. but they don’t know about your post. you may have to wait months to get one.
only if u lucky

Haha Months? I am here! :slight_smile:

lucky guy :slight_smile:

Some corrections were made. No more nationality limitations. The company is on a headhunting for UE4 developers

hehh, second Hun, but too late, no more special request for my nationality… :frowning:

I got your email/pm about this; but I can’t find any info about this Yili Animation Studio :slight_smile:
Would be cool to have a website link to look around and have an idea of what you guys do there…

need good developer on month iam here and my examples