I need an adult - scaling issues

I finally figured out how to create 3D assets with Maya and how to animate them. Porting them over to UE4 without any problems has posed a host of problems for me, however.

I looked up how to create sockets and how to attach the 3D assets to them correctly. They work as expected in the Skeleton preview area. (Picture 1)
Everything Also looks normal in my Gunner BluePrint.
However, at scale factor 1 for everything, my gun is absolutely tiny compared to its surroundings and so does the bullet.
And when i try to run the program, the gun changes place, grows giant, and rotates strangely. And also shoots strangely figured, extremely large bullets.
I’m putting in the relevant blueprint coding info if it helps (Picture 2,3)

I’ve been spending the better part of a day on this issue and i have no idea how to move forward on it. Please help.

i wouldn’t advice to you to use attach node.

because its already attached to the mesh in the socket area, for the scale, break the spawn transform and attach only location and rotation for the scale put it 1,1,1 and test

okay, that seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the help oh kind, wise, adult