I need advice from a Build Engineer (and possibly an Exorcist) - Debugging from VS

Hey everyone!

TL:DR of TL:DR; In order to debug a change in my code, I have to open the editor, trigger live coding, open VS, close the editor, start debugging (that reopens the editor). WHY DO I HAVE TO ENDURE THIS HELL. BEER FOR MY SAVIOUR.

TL:DR; I want to debug my code via VS but:

  • I CAN “Attach to Process” to an open editor session, BUT no breakpoint is working
  • I CAN build the source code of my solution from LIVE Coding and everything works
  • I CAN’T build the code directly from VS because of some weird errors apparently related to Engine Code
    So, the thing I have to do is basically this: I need to open the project in order to trigger Live Coding, which doesn’t give errors. After that I can open VS and launch the debugger (NOT ATTACH TO PROCESS) which reopens the project on the editor, making me waste 10 minutes every time. I want to fix this. I’m paying a beer to whoever explains it.

As per the title, I think I’m gonna start a treasure Hunt (and will probably go down in history for the weirdest and inexplicable bug/issue/scenario that I’ve ever seen). If you manage to solve this and make me understand why this is happening, you got yourself a beer (paid via PayPal) or whatever you prefer to drink (as long as it’s legal and not, say, a wine made of tears mixed with blood of old virgin coders all around the world, as this may prove a little bit too expensive although easy to produce).

Here’s the scenario: I’ve got a prototype of project with some spaghetti/lasagna/fettuccini/ code that is in my source folder. Whenever I change something and want to debug it, I need to build it, obviously. BUT I cannot build it from VS, since it gives me this weird error log (with DevelopmentEditor-Win64 config):

So, I need to open the project within the Editor, trigger live coding, and then I can debug it. BUT now, my “Attach to Process” doesn’t take my breakpoints into account


So, I have to launch the local Windows debugger from within VS, which opens up a new Editor Instance.

Total time elapsed: 10 minutes for each change at minimum. When you’re prototyping (and you still make a mess out your c++ terrible skills) this is unacceptable.

If anyone is capable of explaining to me why this is happening and how to fix it, I’ll be forever grateful (and with affordance to one less beer). If not, well, at least spare one thought for me, I’ll be in a corner of my room crying and asking Bjarne Stroustrup for forgiveness.


FINAL DISCLAIMER: I know my current knowledge of C++ is subpar at best. I know that things could be done way more efficient and yadda yadda yadda. That’s not the topic, please refrain to deliver further blows to my ragged soul. Have mercy.