I need advice for mocap online fbx format that work with Blender

Hi guy’s,

On the mocap online website i have the choice to buy their package as FBX or for UE4 so i wonder which file format should i choose if i want to be able to modify animations in Blender?

I did download their free testing pack but only the FBX package was working correctly in Blender and the UE4 package only show a mess of bones with no skin and no animations, my guess is that maybe it need to be load in UE4 first and then export to FBX for it to work in Blender anyone?

OK for what i can understand so far the UE4 package is only working in UE4 since it is matching the UE4 mannequin and the FBX is working in Blender but is not matching the UE4 mannequin.
There is no clear information about doing this so far and i don’t understand why since so many of us have switch to Blender.

I will continue my search since if some people are able to make it work then they should be a way to do it.