I need a workflow to get assets into unreal. Don't know where to start.

Hi guys.

So basically here’s my issue. I want to make a project. I can find information on the individual programs I run across and unreal as well. But I am struggling to get usable assets into unreal.

I use the kinect for motion capture. Only option I have. I am basically trying to figure out the cheapest way to get a 3D model into unreal that is rigged as well as motion capture data.

Ex: I used make human to toss out some quick models to work with. But I can’t find information on both how to animate these models (the only program I found I couldn’t get to acknowledge my rigging/skeletons) and if I just imported the models into unreal I couldn’t get unreal to acknowledge any of the motion capture data I created. Using motion builder by the way.

All I’m looking for is a workflow and series of programs I can use to accomplish animating these make human models via the kinect and getting the models and animations into unreal.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but can anyone point me in a direction to get started in? Either info or resources would be appreciated. Thanks!

google is your best friend:

Thanks for the link. That is helpful.

Unlike the overused “google is your best friend” meme which is the opposite. Google has a translator but it doesn’t translate the words of the uninformed into the often esoteric nomenclature that spans the ever-changing landscape of game development. It also doesn’t account for incompatibilities between software that have arisen since their inceptions or a bunch of other gremlins that may arise.

Not to be ungrateful but “search the general internet” seems like such an odd answer for something like this. The link is far more helpful and amazing. Thanks!