I need a tutorial that shows how to complete a map

I need a tutorial that shows how to complete a map. Does it kinda work the same way as ut3 where you have to “cook” the map? but i don’t know what to click on. What am i supposed to do? After that’s finished, i’d like to submit my map so people can play it but where do i do that? Would i be able to put it on the marketplace for $1.00? How can i do that?

You can design a map for Unreal Tournament, to get started you can launch that game from the launcher. They have a dedicated forum too. Or you could download the Shooter game example from the Learn tab inside the launcher and design a new map for that…

I think you’re looking for the build button. Its there you can’t miss it. It builds the lighting.

i would recommend going over the UE4 tutorials for you can get used to the UI before creating a game :slight_smile:

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They will be able to guide you through the process. Thanks! :slight_smile: