I need a programer to help us build an FPS horror game PT to publish on kickstarter5-10% of the fund

Hey guys i have a project (horror game) i finished a playable teaser on unity but i want to rebuild it on unreal i need someone to help me with the programing part on Unreal engine the game will be published on kickstarter (the payment will be between 5%- 10% of the fund) if you can help send me an email
Or FB Aghar Rawashdeh

This is royalty, make sure you don’t confuse people. Maybe a moderator will change it if you dont. If you are going to say [Paid] you need to pay out your own pocket when there is no royalty and believe me nobody really likes hearing royalty payment when looking to work.

For me it always sounds a bit weird, that somebody needs a programmer to help out making a teaser for kickstarter and get paid of the fund itself.