I need a plugin that can selectively load and build levels in an open world setting

I have an open world that consists of 36 surface layers as well as some underground levels. The loading process in that world setting is set up in such a way that most levels are part of a layer that disables the automatic streaming so that my application controls the streaming process. Sun and skylight are in the persistent levels whereas the lightmass importance volumes are in the respective levels. I am using static lighting. The light info is stored in the builddata per level which makes later updates to the players easier when only one or few levels are changed.

My current workflow is such that I load the world, then one level at a time, click build, then save, unload and continue with the next sublevel. I would like to have a plugin that does that for me, idealwise by giving me a list of sublevels for the persistent level and allowing me to click the ones I want to re-build, or all, and that saves my last selection for the next time I want to rebuild.

I did some research myself and looked into the standard blueprint scripting classes but it seems impossible to load a streaming level once the persistent level is loaded. What is a simple click in the editor doesn’t seem to be wired into the editor script system. It is of course possible in C++ but my poking into the UE editor code just revealed that reverse engineering how they do it and copying that is beyond my capabilities.

This would be a one time project. Price is negotiable. If interested, please contact me or post any questions you have about my use case.

Thank you

Hey Wallenstein,

I can help you with this plugin. My portfolio/CV: