I need a Pickup counter like Mario's Stars.

Hi All

I want to be able to hit an object, it disappear and get +1 to my counter. (I think I can work out the destruction of the object)

Any links to tutorials out there mainly for the pickup counter.


Do you already have a UMG widget on screen for your counter?

Have not started at all. I just found these, they may help me. Let me find out. Hope it translate to side scroller LOL.

Error with HUD

Looking like I can not even get HUD working.

Did the following.

Blueprint Interface - Named “Counter State”

Added above to “My Character”

Added 2 Variables. Current set to “30” and max set to “100”

Joined them as “Gets”

Then made “User Interface Widget Blueprint”. and added progress bar

Created a new binding under Appearance, and added the the Counter State

Added the following Nodes

Edited World BluePrint, added widget and these nodes.

And no success

Where is my error - no progress

Interfaces probably aren’t the best way to go for this. Instead, in your widget blueprint where you bind your progress bar’s value to something just skip the interface altogether. Drag out from “Get Player Pawn” and cast to “My Character.” Then you can get the two variables from that cast node and divide them to return the fill amount.

Take a look at these articles:

Cheers All

I will look at that Macros, just got to work out how to extract just the counter.