I need a noeud name.

Hello everyone today im going to make this tutorial, but i have a problem.
I search the name of this node (141111025800782709.png). Impossible to find it… somebody can help me pls .
Thanks a lot

Easiest to get this node:

Drag variable “Max Walk Speed” from list on the left side of screen to middle area with nodes. Then you will get small popup asking “Set” or “Get”. SET is one you looking for.

Or just uncheck context sensitive, and search for max walk speed

Hello Nawrot thanks for you response but are you sure it’s a variable ? because when i drag my variable i cant add target on it

Already done no such functions from this type

Gahh, hardest part of blueprint programming is knowing how to drag out and from where all those silly nodes.
Sorry cannot help you for now i am away from Unreal Editor. Kind of remember how to get your node but do not want to confuse anymore.

So i have find this if somebody want solution :

  1. In graph editor, drag component you added to graph and choose Get when asked, what to do
  2. Press blue pin, drag and under Variables > Character Movement you will find it.


Character Movement is a component (class) holding loads of vars and functions. You need to drop the var you want to access within the Character Movement component, and connect that to your setter. If the datatypes are compatible, that is.

EDIT: Sorry, you already solved this. Didn’t notice that.