I need a little help with animation blueprints and using it

So I watched this tutorial and basically once I was done with the animation blueprint and all the stuff was setup, the only thing that would play is the idle and the running would not work. I am putting the link in here. Let's Create A 3rd Person Character With Animations - Blueprints #14 [Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial] - YouTube

I can’t watch video where I am, so here are some first steps that I usually go through:

  1. What skeleton are the animations using? Has it been reassigned, or correctly retargeted?
  2. Is the speed float being correctly passed through to the Anim Blueprint? (You probably have a variable called something like Speed, that needs to be passed in, and tells the blueprint to start using walk/run animations). Try moving the slider in the Animation Editor to check that the animations change like they should.
  3. Is the character moving around, just with the idle animation/T-pose? If not, check the input events are correctly handled.

I would suggest you to use a blend space, for the idle/run-animation. Just google for a tutorial. You will find tons of it.

There could be a few reasons why the running would not work - I’d look into your variables for speed and make sure they are all wired up properly - past that we’d kinda have to see what you have wired up to help any more