I need a hint regarding reflections

Hello guys

after many trials and a lot of reading about reflections, I still feel like I’m at the beginning. I would like to get high gloss surfaces working, and in fact it works to a certain degree but when I zoom out or look at the geometry from certain angles, the reflections get all blurry.

In the image attached I pointed out what I mean. I set up high precision tangent basis, use gbuffer with 16bit enforcement and set up the reflection resolution to 1024.
The geometry has a lot of tight spaces where the effect becomes especially visible. I figured to put some reflection captures into the scene, without success though.

I am fairly new to the engine so a hint into the right direction is highly appreciated!


I was able to resolve it myself. A reddit user seemed to have a similar issue as me and another guy mentioned to turn off SSR and change AA to FXAA.
This made everything crisp although the reflections are not accurate anymore. But for my purpose it is working. Hope that’s useful to anybody.

Link to the reddit post: