I need a helping hand

Hello there. I’m quite new to Unreal 4 and I’ve been working hard to learn how to use it on my own but I’ve struggled to find some learning resources that help me advance. To be more specific, I’m currently focused on a 2d side scroller game but, after watching countless tutorials, for the life of me I cant find a way for the character to get to a specific area and trigger an event that changes on to the next level. If someone could possibly recommend a book, blog, tutorial or anything that would help me understand what I’m positive is an easy blueprint task to you, I will be very thankful.

btw, sorry for my bad English :stuck_out_tongue: still working on that too.

hey, I’m kind of in the same boat, english isnt even my first language but I’m also looking for some kind of resource that I can use for paper 2d stuff. Did you ever find anything useful?

Hello guys and welcome to the Unreal family!
I would like to help both of you into better understanding how things work but the question in hand is somewhat vague.
I mean there are many ways to achieve something in programming.
Lets get a few things clear on how Unreal handles Levels and level loading in general.
Unreal is build around the concept of streaming levels. Something not very useful for 2d games. You could load one level after another but because it does not support asynchronous loading you cannot play music or show an animation during the transition from one level to another. And UMG asynchronous loading will be ready in the year 2022. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have protested and tried to explain to the devs that this is an overkill for simpler games in the past but to no avail.

If you do not mind having a static loading screen then by all means you can use the “traditional” loading method. If not you are stuck with a persistent level and streaming levels.

This poses quite a challenge because everything is loaded into memory (meaning actors) and you have to gasp the concept behind streaming and un-streaming (unloading) levels.
There are a few tutorials in youtube if you are interested.
For a simple transition from one map to another you can just import a Level trigger into the level and “on begin overlap” (inside the level blueprint) with your player just wire up a “load level” (or something like that. i dont remember the exact phrasing). Then fill in the name of the level you want the system to load.
When he passes through the trigger it will load the second map.