I need a crowd... sea of people!


My name is Mikhail Margolis and I’m a digital artist living and working in Paris, France.

(here are some of my work

One of the projects that I’ve been working on involve Virtual Reality.
I have a pair of very compact HMD VR gogles, that I integrate into a simple paper mask.

When you put this mask on your head, you see through HMD an infinite crowd of people below you
and as far as you can see. So you are sitting on some sort of throne surrounded by millions.

You hear them and you see them. And you are above them. And they are all looking at you.
So it’s some sort of “dictatorship” simulator to experience the feeling of extreme power and fame.

I decided to do it Unreal and I have already HMD working properly in stereo mode and tracking
head rotation.

So …

  • Looking for Unreal developer/artist who can create a huge crowd. Or rather who can
    create the illusion of huge crowd, because I doubt that Unreal can actually handle thousands of
    characters. So maybe first couple rangs of crowd needs to be animated and the rest could be
    just heads or some sort of animated texture ?

  • There is no complicated AI behaviour, they don’t walk, however need some simple animation loops.

  • There should by some variety what they look like and how they move, but just enough to get the
    feeling that they are not all identical.

If you have some experience with that or feel that you can do it, please contact me and we can
discuss the details.

This is a serious offer and I will be very happy if I can find somebody who can do it.


I am a full time 3D-Freelancer. View my portfolio at
Feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Mail :
Skype : gamefreelancer

Hi there, M.
I was very interested by your concept, i’ll send you a PM.
Best regards.

If you think Unreal cannot handle a crowd of people, then you should see Days Gone, which was done in UE… But such a system for VR… don’t know about that…