I need a Circuit Simulation Software to learn Electrical Circuits

Anyone knows of any? I downloaded Multism but **** its complicated.

I need something I dunno easy where you can build circuits with resistors and it shows the current flow of electrons and or shows the Amps, voltage and resistance on every part by moving the mouse over it or something.

That or I guess I can do practice tests online till I get the hang of it?

I seem a bit slow at Electrical Systems its in a series of modules I have to do for my Computer Engineering undergrad.

Stuff like Mesh Analysis and Nodal Analysis etc

My father knows that.

OrCAD should have a free demo/trial version that is only limited in complexity.
But I think it won’t be that much easier than NI’s Multism

Best solution would be to get a book about that, that has some practice assignments in it. Can’t really recommend anything, unless you want something in German + pretty specific to the courses I did. Depending on your course the models and apporoximations may vary when it comes to OP-Amps or similar stuff, if you are doing that stuff paper.

Try virtualbreadboard ( ) It’s free, although you can buy modules within the program (such as Arduino toolkit).

Greetings and peace

^ hey thanks for the suggestions but like that OR CAD seems just as complicated. LOL

I guess old fashion is the best way.
This is a past exam paper for the module i am currently doing.

It don’t look too difficult right? manageable with just some old fashion practice questions on pen and paper to your reckoning?
This BSc has lots of computer science but seems to have quite a number of electrical and electronic modules aswell.

These two are very good: and

wow thanks. This will come in handy for when I have labs I can practice home prior to when the lab classes start so I will know exactly what I am doing.