I need a camera that moves with my actor but does not rotate with it!

I have been trying to create a camera that follows my character. my character does turn 180 degrees in the game to go the other direction. unfortunately every camera style that i have tried as ended up turning 180 degrees with the character? does any one know of a way to keep the cameras rotation stationary so that i can create this side scroller?

Select your Spring Arm component and then enable Use Pawn Control Rotation in the details panel.

So first i all i could find was “use controller view rotation” which i assume is the same thing, however, it locked the camera behind my character and it still rotates 180 degrees with the character?



Okay yes. so in the version of unreal that i am using, "use pawn control rotation is renamed. but that doesnt really matter because i have tried that and it doesnt work. the camera still rotates with the character and the camer is stuck behind the character.

is there a way to create and external camera blueprint away from the character blueprint and have it move separately? an external camer like this?

Did you try setting the Camera rotation absolute?
Ie in your spring arm’s settings, make sure the Rotation is given is Absolute NOT relative. This will keep the camera rotation constant.

You can switch between Absolute and Relative by clicking the label in older version of Engine. In latest versions, this options is given explicitly.

Thank you it seems that what i was doing wrong was i wasn’t unchecking the inherit “Pitch” “yaw” and “roll” so even though it was absolute they were inheriting the rotations for some odd reason? either way it is working now thank you!

I hope the following link could help you :