I need a 3D Model from Maya Rigged, unwrapped for Substance Painter, and UE Skeletal Mesh

I modeled a very simple floating robot in Maya. Ultimately it is a body with a rotating head. I unwrapped it but did a ■■■■ job (This is NOT my expertise). Ultimately I just need it set up so it is rigged for the rotating head, has a clean UV unwrap so when I paint it in substance painter it looks ok, and I need the UE4 asset made as well.

I need the file setup in Maya in case I need to make adjustments and so I can paint it, and then the UE4 assets that I can overwrite if I do make changes.

The only additional modeling work is to add:

Connection point for a weapon (will be between the head and body)
Connection point for a head accessory (like a hat)
Connection point for a cape

Please contact me with timeframe estimate and cost.