I migrated from Unity to UE. Where do I start?

Hey community, I am a Unity person and made games using Unity so I got the hang of how Unity works and where/what to start when I first open Unity. I was thinking of migrating to UE because I want to experience how it’s like to develop games using UE. It’s good to learn more things and try it out but as a Unity person, it’s easy to work with things such as creating a script and attaching it. However I am not sure where/how to start. Is there a guide book I can read or maybe a series of tutorial videos to learn from? I really want to learn how to use UE4.

Unreal Engine has some of the best tutorial videos of any software I’ve used. Check out this playlist they put together with over 200 videos guiding you through the basics of pretty much everything in the engine: - YouTube

Once you familiarize yourself with the interface I’d look through the tutorial series there and follow along with ones that interest you. (And there are some videos in there for the interface, so you can start with those!)

Thanks ! I appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ll definitely take a look at those tutorials.

I recommend that you learn how to create/make blueprints, it will help you to learn the API of Unreal4 - the editor itself is prett straight forward, how you can make materials, you will like the landscaping tools as well, i recommend getting some of the example demos as well so. When i started i was very lost even though i could code in C++ because i didnt know the engine API. Blueprints visualize your code, so when you rightclick in the BPs you’ll see all the available API calls with their names. It can be a bit overwhelming at start but once you are getting used to the engine you’ll never want to go back to GameObjects, Components and C# - been there, just take your time!

from unity docs

Am i just stupid or why does I not learn from the official unreal engine tutorials? :frowning:
Yes, they have have many videos, but i think they arent so good as unity ones.
Just look at
Compared to UEs videos: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/
Unity shows meaningful stuff, UE shows … mixed stuff…
I’m learning nothing from the UE videos. It is so complex. You have to do so much thingies!
In Unity you create materials with a very clean interface, , but in UE you have 1000 buttons, nobody knows what to do. :smiley:

I want to stay at UE. :frowning:

In unreal the material is the unity shader.
Unity clean interface in unreal is the “material intances”.

Unreal not come with materia(shader) library as unity does.
So you need first create master material (shaders) using the “material editor”.

Hm… okey… thank you :slight_smile:

Wow, that looks amazing thanks a bunch!

Always read the manual

You beat me to it…

Regarding Unreal being difficult, you need to remember that flexibility will always come with a degree of complexity. That being said, I think unreal is better for newcomers, as not everybody is interested in typing in code. I also feel it is fun - every button begs you to click it and see what it does. But that’s my opinion anyway. I find the docs are good, so give them a read - they go into more detail than the average tutorials do.