I.Mesh does not disappear after remove instance node

Hello everyone,

EDIT: See second post please.

I currently want to check if an actor (building) is overlapping with another actor (grass actor with instanced meshes)
These are the collision settings:

When I spawn the building actor, only some of the grass meshes get removed. I inserted the same collision settings for all the other components (resourceDrop, Spawner, StaticMesh)


I’m not sure what could be causing this.

After some more testing, it looks like the overlaps seem to work and the remove instance is triggered, but the mesh does not disappear in-game

It does work when I have the overlap event happening on my character:


So apparently [following this thread (Instanced Static Mesh, Removing Instance Issue)][1], when removing an instance, the list with instanced gets ‘re-shuffled’. I guess that is why some instances are not getting removed.

I fixed the problem by not deleting the instance meshes but rather scaling them to zero with the UpdateInstanceTransform node.