I managed to run a small map on my mobile phone

Tiny steps at a time it seems for me. I imagined bigger leaps.

May seem I’ll never finish a project at this rate. I’ll remind myself that it is possible to get on my computer more, and programs do work correctly if you hit the right notes.

Remembering my PC is always there. And I paid for it for this purpose.

Searching the internet, searching .bat files, I strolled past errors that annoyed me before and now I see a game running on my phone. Phew!


there should be some templates a bit of reverse engineering never hurts at least see what the settings are like or at least start with a character inventory UI and som small stuff to be able to do some tests or play

if you need a sword, a hammer or som radom 3D garbage you can do it in 10m you can import it in un4, put a material on it done… you can even directly sculpt the whole game map in Medium for free but to do all these cool things you need a foundation get a template and do a overkill upgrade positive wey

May seem I’ll never finish a project at this rate.

Slow, steady, and realistic goals are the fastest way to finish a project.

I’ve been told that for every fast, or perfect projects completed by experts in their field, they have failed at least 10 times before. Doesn’t really help that I have ADHD, but I hope to get there too.