I Made UE4 Blueprint & C++ Cheat Sheets

Made these cheat sheets for myself and others as I remember first starting out with UE4 transitioning to UE4 style of C++ there were many unknowns. Mostly focused on beginner’s needs currently for these cheat sheets.

Blueprint Cheat Sheet:

C++ Cheat Sheet:

Would love any feedback suggestions or improvements people may have as this is an initial version.

Thanks, man. Nicely laid out. Would love to see more info packed in to it.

Just 2.5c, but honestly these kinds of tables don’t do a lot to help with learning and understanding UE4.
Better to use analogies or draw a diagram or tell a story showing interactions between common entities.
Simple example: Take a Pawn, Gamemode, Player-Controller and a HUD etc, and show them interacting!

Thank you for your time creating this. However, I agree with franktech, as a beginner in blueprints (which I consider myself even after 1 year of learning it), having examples on the different blueprint functions and options would help a lot.
The description of each one, I think we get that in the editor anyway, no? And knowing what ‘Event Hit’ does doesn’t really help much in actually implementing it sadly.

However for an absolute beginner, you know someone who just started with UE4 today, this might be really handy to get a first understanding of the basics.

I believe, cheatsheets are not for learning or understading new information but for things you already know just forgot something bout them at the moment (spelling or specific usecase for example), so they provide you “Aha! This is it!” moments if you stuck somewhere. For learning you need to read the docs and manuals. Thank you Winslow for making them!