I made some guns but my mod content doesn't appear in game

In the editor, when I demo the game, my content appears, however when I try to play the game my mod content does not, how do I fix this?

Do you mean when you try to play the game [from the Oculus store]? You have to package your mod and install it, (and enable it in-game) to your installation from the Oculus Store.

Edit: I think I misunderstood your post. I don’t think you can actually play mods in the “normal” game mode. Only by going to the mods tab, selecting the mods you want to play and then selecting a level to play them in from within the mod tab. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

From the oculus store, yeah. Ok, I think I know how to package it, but from where do I install it from? When I go to mods tab in the game it does not appear as an option. So I think packaging and installing will solve that.

Once you package the game it will make a [yourmodname].robo file. Just double click that file in Windows Explorer to install it to your Oculus store version of Robo Recall.

Ok, so I realized my struggle is that I can’t seem to locate the package option.

Hi @ToastyChurro!

Just click the “Share Mod” button at the far right of the main toolbar in UE4 and select your mod. It will ask you for a folder to output to. After a few minutes of packaging you’ll have a single file in that folder named “[yourmodname].robo”. You can upload that file where others can download it and install.