I made Skyrim in Unreal Engine 5!

The city of Dawnstar from Skyrim, re-made in Unreal Engine 5 – almost eleven years since the game first came out!

I’ve been using this scene to practice my snow workflows – and stress testing a very heavy Nanite scene, along with difficult low lighting conditions for Lumen – and it actually went far better that I was expecting! This entire scene is running dynamically at around 40-45 fps on the ‘high’ preset on an RTX 3060.


Hey again @LTowers95,

Hope you’re having a great week :slight_smile:

I’m already such a sucker for winter villages, but with the addition of the mountains and the northern lights, I’m absolutely enchanted by this scene. It’s breathtaking and genuinely beautiful.

Brilliant job and thanks so much for sharing such a stunning piece of art :smiley:


@PresumptivePanda Thank you so much!


@LTowers95 , came across this on YouTube and it brought back so many great memories of playing Skyrim when it first came out. Great work!


@JayHPatel Thank you!

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Just when I thought that Skyrim could get no more awesome, @LTowers95 shows off in breathtaking, jaw-dropping fashion Dawnstar in UE5! I’m absolutely floored at how gorgeous this looks! I wonder how it would look/run on my RTX 2080.

Eleven years later, and Skyrim is still strongly relevant. Right on time for the upcoming winter season. Unprecedented work, my friend! I tip my hat! :tophat:


@Get_DOVAH_it Thank you so much! And yeah - Skyrim still chugging along just fine! As for a 2080, it would probably run better than my 3060 tbh - I was getting around 40-45 fps at 1080p on ‘High’. Not too shabby, considering just how heavy this whole scene was…

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