I made open source slate animation library, Volt

It is a lightweight, and flexible animation framework for the slate architecture.
It is MIT license and free to use on your plugin or projects if you need it!

The main reason I made it is because the native slate architecture is really AWFUL at animating stuff, but Epic Games seems not about to enhance it anyway because they have UMG. But the thing is there are some circumstances in which we can not use UMG, mostly, like in the editor.

This became a serious bottleneck when I wanted to make my custom editor look fancy each time, so I ended up creating a library for this.

It works like the animation library for webpages pretty same, something like react-spring, etc. If you have prior experiences with them then it will be much easier to settle down on it.

We already field-tested it on our product, Joint (Sorry the materials on the marketplace page is still referring the version 1 of the Joint, SDS1 so you will not see any screenshot for Volt’s operations on there yet) and Joint-Native, and it works really nice in most cases.

You can download and see more detailed documentation for the system on this GitHub link!