I made my character movement and jump animations but when I tried jumping whilst walking the walking animation played.

I tried everything but nothing works, could someone provide me with a fix?

Hello @JASO00N, take it easy!

There are like 100 possible reasons haha
More info, screenshots, Unreal version…

I think (because it happens to me too)…
You probably copy-pasted the blueprints from another character… in that case take a look inside the anim blueprint to:

I guess input are ok…

Tell me how is going :wink:

Well i have my animations as Entry > Idle ^ run (down arrow) Idle > Jump > Jump Loop > Jump End > Idle. I have tried to make it so Idle only plays if IsJumping is false but that didnt really help. Also currently I am on version 4.27.

Edit: Jump animations work, they just don’t work if i press W + Jump/Space.

But what about the inputs in project settings and in the bp character?

I think the inputes are fine

Take a look…