I made famous landmarks and monuments into UEFN and this tool is going to help us so much

Hi there.
So I’m one of the creators who got access to UEFN recently last week, but we still manage to work as a team to keep up with everyone’s great creations so far.

In Fortnite, I specialize in mechanics which this topic is completely unrelated to.

Instead, I found a really cool feature, if not one of the coolest, which is importing 3D models of actual locations into Fortnite.

Using Google Maps I managed to import landmarks and famous monuments into UEFN and Fortnite and it looks awesome!

The textures and models aren’t perfect but it’s still going to be really useful for two purposes:

1st : Draft for reproduction
At Vysena we have already made many reproductions of real life places such as Cannes and La Croisette or even Time Square.
Before that, we had to go to Google Maps and measure everything to get all the actual sizes to make everything look good in the game.

But now, using the technique I found, we can just import said place and rebuild it with the appropriate props. And all the measurements will already be there, which will improve our workflow a lot.
After that, we can delete the “draft” and end up with the perfect reproduction.

2nd : Background elements.
Not going to lie, the models are quite expensive considering the 600 item import limit, but with a bit of optimization they can look really great as a background elements for many maps.

That’s what I had to share with you all today, overall the tool is awesome and I’m very excited to see where everyone is taking it :grin:


Probably one of the coolest creations I’ve seen yet!

Is it straight forward to install the Google plug-in?

not really, there is a shady looking programs involved, and a import/export through blender with add ons before being able to import it on UEFN.

Good work! Glad you’re enjoying the tools. I also like seeing where all of you take the tools. I didn’t anticipate someone brining in Google Map data so early but here we are!

This is amazing! What a great way to rebuild known locations!! Well done

Any active islands where seeing your monuments?