I made an Island. Now what do I do?

Hi everyone!

So after trial and error I was able to use World Machine Basic to create and island and import into UE4.
This is my initial result.

My question is how do I proceed from here?
Obviously this island needs more work but I cant decide going back to World Machine Basic by making something bigger (No idea if can make anything bigger than this) or do I use the in house tools of UE4 to change the island for example maybe cut up a few of its parts and make mini-broken island chain or a swamp so its not just “round”.

Furthermore I need to learn the steps to take resources from the free resources (textures, materials and models) to create a realistic environment.

I have no idea what the process of inputting all these assets is besides doing everything by hand.
Is there anything out there to do a portion of the work automatically so I can focus on adding little details like rivers or marshes?
I would really appreciate some guidance on what I can do next.
There are loads of tutorials out there and it seems each one tells me only a portion and sometimes they just repeat themselves.

Thank you for your time. :smiley:

I’d suggest you carve your terrain as much as possible in World Machine or equivalent tool instead of tweaking in UE4, this way you keep a single height map as reference. From WM you can also generate output maps for various terrain features, you can then use them for landscape layers.

Thanks Eyoli.
Ok I will try learn more of WM and make a better land.

But what about importing the free assets from the marketplace into my project? I mean I have them downloaded and I “added” to my project which is now 7 gigs without me having done anything. However no progress as to actually getting them on my map.

Furthermore I am still puzzled on how I can procedurally generate terrain textures, grass, bushes, trees, rocks. I wish I had like 8 folders for each type of climate on my island. So I can tell the program. Use folder 1 textures for this corner to make a tropical area, Use folder 2 to create a desert area, Use folder 3 and etc…
Any information on these two fronts? I am drawing blanks :frowning:

Grini, you remind me when I was starting with UE4 a few months ago :slight_smile: I am afraid this will take hours to answer all the questions you may have, but the good news is you’ll find the answers steps by steps in tutorials and the likes. Look at Youtube videos on landscapes, landscapes materials and layers. search for splatmaps too, even if you don’t use them that will give you some hints. Look into foliage and procedural foliage spawner (this is in the UE4 docs).

I currently have about 8 tabs open on Youtube right now! Thanks for the references. Now I can narrow my search more effectively.
Thanks Eyoli.