I made a weapon switch system that just fires forever

My system uses three bool variables to check if the player is using one weapon or not. I created the input, which creates a branch, that opens or closes a gate, and releasing the key also closes it. Then I set up my gun to be a machinegun, but when you shoot, the gate doesn’t close. Not even switching weapons works.

I can’t, the blueprint is REALLY cluttered and I have no screenshot program.

You need to post a screenshot of the BP.

If you’re using windows it has a built in “Snipping Tool” which can take screenshots even of a specific size.

The problem is when we just get the info of what you know we most likely won’t get the problem because unless you have failed very basic programming logic you won’t mention the specific error… otherwise you’d’ve most likely found it by now.

He actually meant if it was a simple problem you would have found it by now, he wasnt being rude. And since you couldnt figure it out by yourself(because it is not a simple issue) you cant expect us to give it a shot without a screenshot of the BP.

When 1 is pressed bool weapon1 is set to true, and the others false. Same w/ the other 2. When I press fire it executes a branch on the condition of weapon1. If true, the branch executes a sequence, opening and entering a gate. When released, it will close the gate. False on the branch does the same.when the gate exits, it runs a sequence that fires, then runs a retriggerable delay, which will loop.

The error is that when it was pressed the game probably kept checking it for the condition, and because it was true, it kept opening the gate.

Btw erasio I don’t lack common programming knowledge because it should just check when I press, not forever after I press. Please refrain from being rude, as I assume that you have no better solution, or you might share it with us an offer some kind of help.

Oh, sorry.

Maybe I should try using integers with 1 2 and 3 and compare with 2.

As Jacky already said. I did in no way mean to be rude.

It’s just incredibly hard to find your error without screenshots UNLESS it is a very basic error.

I don’t see how this should be the case with your problem which is why it is so difficult to help you.

nope. doesn’t work.

Without screenshots you wont get any help here. There could be a thing that you see as correct and it’s the issue, so please: Use the snippet tool, or install puush. Make a few screenshots of your BP. If you want us to take time helping you, then please take some time making screenshots.