I made a variable type Ftime is a boolean not a float

I was following a tutorial and I had to make a variable “StartTime”. I made the variable type “FTime”. After compiling, I went to set the default value but all I can do is check or make true/false Days, Hours, or Minutes. I realized when I used “Break FTime” that it was a Boolean, not a float. I need it to be a float. When the tutorial did it, there was no problem nor did he do anything extra to get it to be a float. You can see the video on YouTube - UE4 Survival Game - Day/Night Cycle (Part 6), time index 3:15.

As you can see in the photo, the default value is a true/false. I can not put in a start time.

If that’s a custom struct, find it in the content browser, open it, and you will be able to change the type of the variables in the window that opens.

For example:


Change yours to be floats.