I made a thing.

Had some time to throw together something i thought would be fun…

A physics flyer with fight mechanics similar to a jump jet such as a harrier and I made a video because why not?

Made with blueprints and physics actors.
Controls I used:

W - Throttle Up
S - Throttle Down
A - Yaw Left
D - Yaw Right

Mouse - Pitch/Roll

E - Change flight mode.
X - Cut Engines

It looks interesting :), but a little too slow and heavy.

Now build another one and DOGFIGHT !!! :smiley:

Nice one mate :smiley:

haha… I had that same thought :D! I have to get back to my main project before I get to deep in to this one, but I’ll be back!

On that note- you can do some pretty awesome stuff with the flight modes. For instance, activate flight mode and then when someone gets on your tail, go in to hover. Keeping your forward velocity you can yaw around and shoot at the guy while flying backward >.<

Just my opinion here, but I think light and responsive aircraft are much less fun to fly. Somewhat heavy feeling properties pose a much greater challenge and you can really get a feel for and “learn” the mechanics. As far as speed… well— that can be adjusted to some pretty insane amounts :slight_smile: