I made a thing using unreal engine

Hello all. I ran out of money this holiday season so I made an animated Christmas card using the engine to message my friends and family.
Here is a link to it

This was my first finished product. I know it could be much better and more refined. but I’m just learning and I have no team its just me.

Very Nice! And Merry Christmas to you. Matinee? or Sequencer?

Some one should make a UE4 Advent Calender :stuck_out_tongue:

While slightly repetitive, that was nice :smiley: It is really cool to see all of the different uses for UE4.

Merry Christmas Jeffrey and Stephanie :slight_smile:

I would like to be a critic and tell you what I like and don’t.

What I liked:

  1. The lettering/wording looked real good.
  2. The holes you go through, the best one was the circular one before Jeffery was imo the best one.
  3. The flooring was good.
  4. The picture at the end was a great touch.

What I could do without:

  1. Probably only thing I would alter is the time needed to go down those hallways. Or just remove hallways completely.

Nice project! Happy holidays!