I made a simple simulation of Stonehenge, using Unreal Engine 5 & photogrammetry model from sketchfab. Demo is available on itch io.

The Lost Condor - Walking Simulator - Itch.io Edition by Thelastcondor

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Hello there @mk44362 ! Welcome back to posting with us here on the forums!

I think this project is absolutely fascinating to see. To be able to walk around these sites even digitally brings a little bit of beauty into the home of us that cannot afford such grand travel. Out of curiosity, is there any gentle music track or any nature sounds within the experience?

Hi there @mk44362,

Hope you’re well and having a great week so far :slight_smile:

Just popping in to say this is gorgeous. Love the sunlight and dreamy-ness. What inspired this specific project?

Thank you for the reply. There is no music, just nature sounds.

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I am very interested in archeology. Perhaps my interest developed when I played way too much Tomb Raider games.

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Totally understandable :smiley: Can’t exactly see a piece of historical treasure be unearthed and not stare in amazement. I guess Tomb Raider has the same effect. Do you plan to create more projects of wonders like these anytime soon?

There are no concrete plans, I am thinking about adding new places and polishing the existing project. Thanks.

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