I made a game in concept. Wondering where to start. require trusted user.

I want to make an turn base rpg game with some inspiration from pokemon, final fantasy, saga, and digimon.
I got all lot in my concept to be made. game concept name is dragon accel.
I don’t know if I could post concept so I think i’ll hold it until I make an prototype battle system.
The tutorials all I found are C# tutorials for rpgs. Since I’m a newb, I can’t find C++ tutorials and also lazy.
I can pm my skype to show my concept work to see what I am dealing with as long its an trusted user.

Edit: marjane told me a lot about how tough it is to make a game as a newb. I learned to start small and there going to be fails along the way. I’ll try my hardest to learn c++. also going talk to my friend first. thank you guys for being helpful.

Well… that’s very long way to put.

I also have similar problem like you. I have concept and some methods, which sometimes works or not. is it 2D? 3D?

But first, before you even programming, you need solid game design about Game Play (and possibly story, if there is) on PAPER, not in your head.

When you can comes with your solid game design, which to implement, you will find what you need like myself.

That’s advice I can give you. If you can contact me, if you want. This is my first time in Unreal, but made shabby, crappy short games in Unity, Cocos2DX.

Thus I am newbie, but for concept, i can give you some answer, which might provide you some idea.

I got it down on my computer using notepad and paint. used to have it on paper. My friend is helping me with my concept by giving consideration. for I’m goal is make it 3d. I can contact for concept, if you see something missing and give some idea. I may need help on my main story. should I pm you my skype.

concept been made are battle mech, game mech, and world story/world.
incomplete concept, main story. as I thinking here, I should make an over world mech.

Edit: pmed skype anyways and made some mistakes when making this reply.

You first have to learn C++ before making you project.
Learn C++ then make small games first then focus on your project when you have everything down (maybe months, if you have no previous programming experience)

Thanks, marjane told me that through skype. I learned that I need to start small. I’m going start researching to learn c++ first. also i’m going to talk to my friend to tell him what to do with my concepts. I have several options. a. give it to my friend for an company he works at or a do the project with his friends. b. my friend contact a company that will follow my concepts correctly (kinda risky), and c. do it my self.
thanks for the help guys.
I made an battle ui concept similar to saga 3 aka final fantasy legends 3, due to my urge to do it. but anyways i’ll start small and learn basics of c++.

if you are lazy you will never finish a game, it would be better to be a bed tester. :smiley:
I don’t think you need one game genre specific tutorial, if you want to make something unique, you need to do more, collect the sources and learn, implement it part by part, or make several smaller games dealing with a special feature.

This. To build on this though another easy way to start on this road is to prototype in Blueprint then convert it to C++ after you ready, since you have all the logic mapped out you can search for specific things in C++. This workflow helped me a lot in the beginning, now I only use C++.

You are going to fail.

If you don’t yet know how to program, let alone in C++, it is going to take you at least several years of hard work and serious application to make your game.

I always wanted be bed tester. I always wanted to find bugs on the bed and report it to the bed developers. :wink:
Edit: I think it sound better like this. I always wanted report bugs on the bed.

thanks for the advice

That’s really a nice advice, this is what i’m currently doing, moving from Unity3D and C# to C++ and the new API was kinda rough (Basically can’t really know how to do anything, much more because of the API than because of the language itself), prototyping in BP then moving to C++ allows you to have some fun while creating your game and actually make progress and not get mad and frustrated.

But yeah OP you, saying that you’re lazy is kinda odd, when you’re going for programming or even game dev, you’re in for the long run, the process and the struggle is what makes you come back for more and what makes you progress, not the end result, so you may not really be fitted for those domains.

Programming is really just running against problems all day, you solve one, another one appears, you solve it too ect… Thus the hunger is born.
You seem much more focused on the end result and ideas rather than actually making the game and growing by bettering your logic skills.

Brainzshake, it sounds like you know the basic workflow from concept to prototyping, etc. However, it seems you are just a little impatient. I am in the very beginning stages of the learning process as well and have several small projects going simultaneously. Each of these projects has unique features that require me to learn new things about C++ and the Unreal Engine. The more I mess up my code and rebuild it in each of these projects, the more things begin to coalesce and the more skilled I become. If you wanna tackle this project as a beginner, go for it. By all means, give it your best shot. You will get stuck daily and be rewriting your code over and over again and probably need to scrap the entire project time and time again, but that’s another perfectly viable way to learn.

The main difference between our two approaches is that your path is gonna be a lot more frustrating due to the attachment you’ll have to your game idea, and the disappointment that will come with scrapping it over and over again to start fresh. If you’re prepared to deal with that, go for it. Bottom line is that you gotta do whatever is most exciting to you, because that is what’s gonna pull you in and motivate you to apply the effort required to make progress.

Less deepy-feely answer: If you’ve got the concept completed then it’s time to prototype. This article is a good read on protoyping.