I made 3D Pac-Man, here are project files!


Here is the project:

It’s a part of my quest onto making a new open source project/game every week. :camera:
You can follow for more here:

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Hey @Fansi_Inkongnito !

I love this take on 3d Pac-Man! I 100% appreciate the points countdown rather than a count up. It helps me better visualize my score by knowing the max amount ahead of time!

I am super excited to see as the rest of your quest unfolds and will be sure to keep an eye out for any new projects!


Thank you!
Knowing how much score is left is not an issue for normal PacMan where you see whole game board and all the points, but here where most of the game board is hidden I had to put it up. Otherwise not knowing how many points are left gets too frustrating. xD

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That makes sense @Fansi_Inkongnito !

I suppose when you put it like that I do sound a little silly in regards to not knowing the standard point countdown. I usually panic a little as I’m focused on the ghosts a little too hard so I often mess up when checking around the map.

I still think it is a wonderful idea though. This could be my new casual free time game like Tetris!


No worries man!
Didn’t mean to put you down in any way, I wanted to explain reasoning behind that design choice. :smile: