I´m trying to blend the lower body of an animation sequence and the upper body of another animation sequence together to play at the same time, is that possible?

I´m essentially trying to use both animations together. I´m using Phase, one of the free Paragon character assets and trying to make her move in a way that looks like she is doing a ground pound. Animations are unfortunately not my strongest suit. Does anyone have any ideas of how I could approach this in a way that gives me some reusable knowledge ?

It is possible to blend the upper body and lower body of 2 animations into 2 animations (for instance top would be a sword strike and lower would be walk or run animation). To do that however, I dont remember the bone name. You choose a bone, and everything one each side of the bones are 2 animations that are selected in the details panel thing. I’ll try figuring it out for you (I did that in about every single 3d game I made) but its been a while since I last did it so it might be hard to remember.

You need an Animation Montage. This allows you to use slots to play different animations. So you can have legs that are idle, walking or running, while the top half is unholstering or reloading a gun.

I´ve already made an Animation Montage for my heavy attack and for my ground pound but right now I am in a situation where I want to use a Gate where the option to use the ground pound opens after 2 secs of falling and the animation will be pending until it hits the ground and then spawns a radial impulse. I tried using a While Loop but the amount of data being used there was unfortunately too high so I made a branch that if true, used a delay every 0.1 seconds and circled back into the branch but that meant that if I was falling for 2 seconds and decide to press the Ground Pound button (same button I use for jumping because I can´t really jump when I´m falling) when I´ve already landed, I jump into the air and play the animation montage. I kind of just need a way to figure this out and then I´m pretty much golden and I can finally do my proc based attack and create a resource system.

That’s kind of moving the goalposts. The answer to your question was Anim Montages.

Anyway… There is an IsInAir boolean in your Anim BP that is checked every Tick. You can start a timer when it is true, and was false in the previous frame (use a second boolean WasInAirInLastFrame to store this information). After 2 seconds have elapsed, if IsInAir has always been true in that time, you can enable the Ground Pound with a third ICanGroundPound boolean, either in your Anim BP or Play Animation/Composite in the Character BP (and if you choose the second option, I usually have to reconnect the Controller afterwards, or it will “Disconnect”). Finally, if IsInAir is ever false in that 2 second window, reset everything.