I’m running UE4 on a cloud PC, via a $100 laptop

The keyboard and mouse act as input controllers for the virtual PC and they stream back a video capture of its screen card.
Besides a few minor hiccups and a fixed resolution at max 1920x1080, it’s still awesome to have access to UE4, Quixel Mixer, Blender, GIMP, Houdini, Materialize, World Machine, high end games, film editing and music/sound production at the highest level.
I’m using paper space (paperspace.com) and this together with YouTube tutorials, has gotten me from zero experience with UE4 to landscaping with my own materials in about three weeks. Plus some blueprints and all that usual 3D stuff like modeling and texturing.
250GB a month costs less than $10 USD, and the hour costs $0.32. I googled for a promo code and got ten dollars. So the first many hours were for free. All of the assets I use for learning and prototyping are the free assets, or imported originals or copies.
This is the cost of developing games in 2019.
My internet connection is 4G.
A mobile phone with a Bluetooth screen, mouse and keyboard is all you need to start using UE4 these days.
This would also be great for UE4 users who want to work on their projects away from home, but only have a Chromebook. A raspberry pi3 will do. As long as it streams video and has a browser, it can run that virtual Windows 10 machine.
The technology is new, so I won’t promise that your exact system works, but given that it’s free to try with a promo code, which I can generate I think with an affiliate link, I say it’s worth looking into.

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Super interesting… But I’m a bit skeptical too… :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, at the end of every weekly [Twitch] Livestream, Epic call for devs to livestream / submit videos of their working environment. Gotta say this would be really interesting to see up close, especially if you show everything from your hardware setup to firing up cloud sessions and interacting with UE4 remotely. Not forgetting, keeping an eye on costs… Also, how are you backing-up / archiving or cloning your work projects too (as that part isn’t clear)…

Thank you Clavos. I am responsible for everything, but they do take a weekly snapshot of the hard drive, I believe you can pay for more. How would you recommend I stream this? I have considered regular updates as a certain concept takes shape. The roadmap for the minimum viable product of a single map so far has at least one hundred items like “weather.”
I’m not sure how I would stream from my own setup in real life, it would eat up the 4G. But if it’s possible to install a video streaming app on the remote PC, and maybe only audio from me, it might work. Not saying that I will ever bother doing it tough, maybe for the affiliate sign up, there is a credit incentive for that. If so, I could develop an AAA looking game for free with today’s tools. Most of the gameplay and bot AI exists as near drag and drop blueprints.

But do these streaming virtual PCs include installed license for expensive 3D software packages too or not? It could make sense to rent these for days or weeks or months if they included expensive 3D software packages in the package and that would cost way less than paying the monthly fee for each software alone.
Renting these virtual PCs and paying for software license to install remotely doesn’t make any sense even for large rich businesses.

Hello DarkS474. They do not, but I have the exact same idea. You could sign up and choose a package. Music would include rental access to ProTools, Logic, what have you. Another one for graphic design, one for Architects, another one for civil engineers, one set up for filmmakers and so forth. There are Big Data and AI setups available already all over the cloud, this must be coming soon. The programs could run from a server and one would only store their data, so small drives could drive down prices. Or just pick and choose and pay an amount a month for each. All the software I mentioned has free versions, and as of today, combining many free versions with free assets, paying for developing a high-quality game almost becomes meaningless, unless you want to save time and skip the DIY on the tiny intermediate details part, the majority of the work hours in my case. All these tutorials that didn’t work because it’s from UE4.19 or something.

@TimSweeneyEpic directed me here, and I was wondering if anyone has had any success getting Unreal Engine 4 Editor running through something like AWS/Azure.

@MultiSenseLab @UWaterloo has been making the shift to Unreal Engine from Unity, and we have many students interested in getting into Unreal Engine for the purpose of Neuroscience Research. In addition many other professors from other faculties are also interested in getting in on this, so we are striving for success.

Unfortunately the amount of rigs is limited, and so is scheduling with experiments, so access to necessary computers can be a scheduling nightmare. However, we have AWS/Azure resources available through the university, so my question is has anyone had success with setting up a cloud editor?

Alternatively if anyone could point me to a tutorial on how to get started on such an endeavor, I and our team (piandpower.com) would greatly appreciate it. We would share any results with the community as this would benefit many more teams than just ours.

Originally this idea hit me while watching videos of Google Stadia, if a Chromecast Ultra can run 4k at 60 FPS, surely we could hack together a solution that would allow a wider adoption of Unreal Engine for STEM R&D. I like the idea of remotely connecting to my own rig, but to leverage cloud computing resources to lighten the local system requirements would be a real game changer. This is especially appealing given the amount of ISP providers now offering 4G/5G unlimited data plans, effectively turning any device into a development rig.


Here’s a look at some of our past work,](https://twitter.com/Astro_Erik/status/1145916830441193472)Our Year in #rewind @UnrealEngine & #Industry4.0 - YouTube

And more recently we’ve been hacking together community resources for Science and Education! UE4 Cardinal Menu STEM GI Jam - Without Replacement in BP - YouTube

Hi! I’m trying to set up something similiar…did you work out the required specs for a VM? I’m absolutely green to this and a bit confused as to what machines I’d need and what builds. Thanks!

I ran UE4 on shadowwith out problems. You will need use a third party storage to save data because they will delete your hard drive if you cancel your service.

Could check out Vagon.io and infinityfree.io