I love the API Documentation

Once I got myself to actually use it, it made my life MUCH easier. I really like it, good job!

Is it possible to generate something similar for other projects? I have the Strategy Game/Shooter Game and UT open to see how Epic does their magic but having that online somewhere might be even cooler! ( I ‘read’ code while I’m in the train etc, having visual studio open is harder hehe )

Anyways, good stuff and thanks!

Glad you like it. There are still some things missing (like sample code), but we put a lot of time into coming up with a good system for it. Hopefully the presentation is acceptable. :slight_smile:

It’s always been my goal to have API references for each sample project. Our tools won’t currently do that so it would take some modification, which takes time. We haven’'t been able to schedule that work yet because of priorities, but we can add it to roadmap on Trello and let people vote on it.