I love Epic Games <3

I love Epic Games! <3

You good people at Epic Games are so awesome! Literally the best of the best!

And I love you so much. Cos you’re kind at the same time as being strong and awesome!

You do wonderful things that make people happy. And you make wonderful games. And that’s why I love you Epic Games <3

You, Epic Games, made Unreal Engine - A software that brings sooooo many people such great happiness! What a blessing thank you! xxx

Thank you for making Unreal Engine and thank you for being awesome! <3

Also… Sweeney is the best CEO ever! What a hero. He’s my hero! =) xx

Music is a great communicator. So if you’d like to hear some beautiful music:

Bless you Epic Games! You guys and gals are my heros! <3

With letters like yours who could say no ;), Allow me to take advantage of this and ask you to send an email asking him to open up Epic storefront for non exclusive games. I think if he does that while keeping the percentage rates, I will personally send flowers to Epic.

Have to kinda agree with that statement.

So… uhm… Epic peeps:

Yeah Honestly, I have to agree on that one K.

I do think the Epic Store should be curated (unlike Steam… omg so much crap there.)

But i do think it should be open to non-exclusive titles too, Agreed! :slight_smile:

@Luos Cheers! :smiley: