I lost MoseX data after mouse click

It was working well in 4.10 but now it doesn’t.

I bind events:

InputComponent->BindKey(EKeys::LeftMouseButton, IE_Pressed, this, &ABalanceSpectatorPawn::MouseDown);
InputComponent->BindKey(EKeys::LeftMouseButton, IE_Released, this, &ABalanceSpectatorPawn::MouseUp);

InputComponent->BindAxisKey(FKey(FName("MouseX")), this, &ABalanceSpectatorPawn::RotateHorizontal);
InputComponent->BindAxisKey(FKey(FName("MouseY")), this, &ABalanceSpectatorPawn::RotateVertical);

and after I pressed LeftMouseButton I receve 0.0f on MouseX and MouseY.


This is currently a known issue (UE-28811). The issue has been fixed internally, and the fix will be available in a later version. Thank you for your report.

Have a great day