I lost link to a useful posting

In passing I saw a post someone made that asked how not to stretch grass to the point where lay flat. Someone had replied with a detailed explanation of how to adjust the maximum size of the grass to maintain its texture. I thought I added the link so I could revisit it later, I was mistaken. If you know the post please link me to it. If not, please let me know how to prevent the over-stretching of the grass to the point where it lay flat.

Thanks in advance.

Something you can do is go into your browser history, and search for keywords in the title of the post, I find things all the time by doing this.

unfortunately, I clear it out at midnight every night. I use Opera and I typically set items of interest in my speeddial, just not this time it seems.

could it be this thread?

If it’s not the above thread, I’ve seen multiple “stretch” problems in the “Content Creation” board. Search there

That be the one…Thanks!